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The pristine beaches, white sand stretches and clear blue water, this place always makes the tourists away to “sunstroke’. Do not too crowded so this really is the place for the couple, need to have private space or the tourist resorts. When you come to Mia Nha Trang Resort, you will feel the interesting here, these beachfront vacation home, you can enjoy the sea breezes cool air or car, where a scenic peaceful. Also you can hire a boat out to the island, night squid fishing with the fishermen and then you can see always sunrise and sunset that you have many times miss. Sapa, a name that is no stranger to those who love travel. This place is famous as a town of beautiful plateaus there are four color in one day and be surrounded by policeman majestic of mountains same message, but deliver does not diminish the poetic inherent to its being surrounded by the flowers, temperate, colorful, terraces, and villages covered in mist.
Source: Du Lich