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About Us


For us, quality is not merely a department. It drives everything that we do.

As a corporation, we are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Through partnerships of integrity, dedication and commitment to our customers, we continuously strive to be the premier resource for complete supply chain logistics solutions. To enhance the reputation, competitiveness and profitability of the company, it is necessary to supply a service that meets and exceeds customer expectations. We accomplish this by providing the highest quality of services to our customers, with Business Management Systems designed to drive continuous improvement in process performance and effective corrective & preventative actions.

By integrating technology into the daily operations, we have implemented sophisticated error-proofing methods into our Business Management Systems. Managers, supervisors and operators are thoroughly trained and continuously involved in improving our performance and eliminating errors throughout the system resulting in a remarkable value for our customers.

Managing our performance quality begins even before a facility begins operation. Process and work instruction development is a crucial part of our facility launch planning. We incorporate best practices and “lessons learned” from each of our many diverse operations into the development of a Business Management System specific to the new operating facility prior to operations launch. To assure process performance is maximized, Managers and trained internal auditors from each facility regularly visit and audit each other to share ideas, observe practices & ensure performance goals are met.

Each facility is responsible to manage its own process improvement. Facility management and staff communicate regularly with customers, and in turn report to our corporate offices, to ensure their operations immediately receive the benefit of system and process enhancements and meet each of our Objectives:

  • Improved Customer services and process performance delivering on-time, error-free performance and timely, accurate Customer communications
  • Cost containment, revenue growth and financial stability are a result of developing long-term partnerships that drive improved performance together with our suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Developing cost saving opportunities and applying proven processes to new initiatives to ensure continued profitability
  • Reducing accidents and injuries by maintaining a safe and secure work environment that meets all Government/regulatory requirements
  • Continuously improve performance and create staff opportunities through increased employee training, participation and rewards for initiative, effectiveness and teamwork

This approach enables us to improve Customer services to achieve our mission:

To be our customers' first choice in logistics by consistently delivering exceptional value through sustainable, innovative solutions performed by dedicated associates.

It’s a big job, but we think it’s critical to our success, and yours.